Hi! We are Raymond HuwaĆ« and son Rae HuwaĆ«, two individuals with a passion for business – doing business to solve day-to-day problems makes us happy. What we truly believe in, is the power of will it leads to your goals. If you want something really bad and you are willing to work for it, everything is possible.

Daily Dutona was founded in 2018, and has been providing quality IT-products to businesses and consumers ever since. Located in Rosmalen, Daily Dutona consists of a small but passionate team. Whose goal it is to improve everyone’s life through disruptive products. Therefore, we build great products to solve your business problems.

Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance. Great solutions and good relationships come from collaboration. We are excited to learn about you and your business, and make something beautiful together.